The Science Fiction of Lizzie Newell

Enter the World of Fenria

The Return of the Cybernaut Princess

The Return of the Cybernaut Princess

On a maritime planet, a long-lost princess, a mariner, and a sentient ship battle intergalactic intrigue in a quest for love, identity, and to save their planet from a deadly cyber-virus.

The Princess—Having fled into space as a small child, the princess has little knowledge of her true duty and identity as a key component of a planet-wide neural net, a compound entity that monitors the health of the entire planet.  She has returned.

The Mariner—Although at one time a cyborg, the mariner’s implant was burned out. He serves the neural net, yet grieves his loss of connection to that planet-wide consciousness.

The Ship—An avatar of the network, the ship thinks she owns both the Mariner and the Princess—her beloved and essential components. She wants them to be happy and to produce replacement babies, so she sets to work as a matchmaker.

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