Lizzie Newell creates art and fiction about the planet Fenria, world of fjords, high tides, and fishing. Here men are mariners and fishermen, high-tech maritime hunters. Bravely they earn their living on the seas,while women control the domains of government, industry, education, and law.

I believe in the innate dignity of every being, and that individuals can live freely through understanding ourselves and our environment.


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  1. Arne L Bue

    Hi, Lizzie
    This is Arne. We briefly talked at the “Resolve to Write” gathering Friday evening, January 11, 2013. To concisely answer your question about what I write: There are two of my works that might nudge against a genre called Northern Speculative Fiction.
    One: The Lid, where Anne, a mysterious old Alaskan Native woman uses her powers to mysteriously “appear” before the protagonist and stubbornly guide him to an event that heals his post traumatic stress disorder. This work is also a screen play.
    The other: Banto Carbon and the Prehistoric Proboscis, a novella about a man with a secret past and supernatural powers who has a commonplace, mundane job in the Juneau museum. He’s forced into an adventure in the Chugach Mountains. He must use his special supernatural powers.
    My website can be googled: Alaska eBooks Alaskan Authors. First chapters are there.
    It was a pleasure briefly meeting you. I enjoyed the gathering of writers.

  2. Lynn Lovegreen

    Great site, Lizzie! Have fun with it! :-)

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